About Vogue

VOGUE is a family influenced business founded in UAE in early 2014 which mainly engaged in distributing and exporting mobile phones. The essential activity of the company is to source, market and distribute all brands of mobile phones from both domestic and overseas market region. We are well-established with a highly professional sales, marketing, warehousing and distribution operation. Consequently we are able to deal with all the major brands and independent retail operators. Throughout the years, we are continuously sourcing products which we presume have the potential to give impact in the market and to the lives of many people. We have all the necessary experience, knowledge and capital to ensure the success of our suppliers and to supply the demand of each of our customers.

Over the years, VOGUE has been operating in the market regions of America, Europe, Middle East and some countries in Africa. Owing to enlightened management and solid understanding of the market, the company grew very rapidly and soon enough made it to be popular in the mobile phone market having an office and warehouse located in the main economic center of United Arab Emirates.


To provide notable service to our customers at all times - striving to be their critical partner as we assist them in expanding economical worldwide wireless networks.

To be the outstanding mobile handset provider in the global market.

To be the specialist in the market segment of mobile phones and all brands.

Market Insight

Our team possesses eagerness to discover a penetrating truth about consumers, their aspirations and desires which can in turn be used to generate growth. Consequently, our Purchase and Sales Team yield their genuine time to comprehend the pricing movement for devices being bought and sold all over the world. With the hard work of everyone in our organization we are always here to help our business partners understand the current and future market situation, and offer them the best available price for products they are looking to buy and sell.


At the center of everything, Vogue has utmost care for every single piece of equipment “to be sent” and “to be received” that made the organization eager to understand the best practices required to run successful transporting processes, and to ensure the products are of the highest quality possible. We operate with the help of trusted partner logistics companies. In order to guarantee the quality of all equipment for resale and redeployment, every single device is subjected to the highest standards of inspection.